New Fabric!


Look what just came in the mail today! My two brand new collections are finally here. The first, Pansies and Paisley, features the hand-drawn paisley design on the left, a cute polka dot stripe in the center, and watercolor pansies at the far right. Pansies and paisleys are two of my very favorite things, so combining them in a whimsical collection was an obvious choice. FruitBlossomCollection

The second, Fruit Blossoms, features an elegant paisley in jewel tones on the left, the spring fruit blossoms in the center, and a coordinating chevron on the right. The calming colors and sophisticated designs lend a more grown up feel to this collection.

I can’t wait to see them sewn together into tea cozies, little bags, and other fun stuff.

From the studio,


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