Progression of a Drawing


I thought you all might like to see a little bit of how a picture progresses. It began as an idea, “I should draw a really big bouquet.” After the initial idea, it merged with some gladiolus I had sitting in a vase. “What if I just added some extra flowers and made it a big bouquet?” Mom and I worked together to arrange a variety of flowers with the glads, and I pulled out some huge paper to begin.

Drawing1The gladiolus start to show their color along with the foxgloves and echinaceas.

Drawing2The color darkens on the foxgloves, and the centers of the yellow glads appear.

Drawing3The cosmos and queen anne’s lace start to show up now too.

Drawing4Skipping a few hours and the basil and the centers of the purple glads are now visible.


It’s almost done after filling in some background flowers and stems. Now it pretty much needs a little touch up and a signature to finish.

From the studio,


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