Hand-bound Sketchbooks


I’m very excited to show you my latest project, hand-bound watercolor sketchbooks. I discovered that I needed some watercolor sketchbooks, but I’m very picky. I prefer a particular paper; and I really like the binding of my hand-bound sketchbooks. Unfortunately, all of my hand-bound sketchbooks didn’t have good watercolor paper in them.

So, it was project time. I pulled out my good watercolor paper and began cutting it to size. Then, I began to think about the covers. Last time, I covered some plain cardboard with some scrap fabric from our basement to make the covers. This time I used my own fabric, which made a really beautiful cover.

To bind the books, I used a Coptic bookbinding stitch, which allows the sketchbook to lay completely flat. It’s a bit tedious to bind books by hand, but I think it’s definitely worth it.

From the studio,


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