Capturing Kansas City


About a month ago, I began a project, drawing Kansas City buildings. Initially, I intended to draw the skyline, but after some sketches I decided to separate the buildings and include other Kansas City landmarks.

When I had finished drawing as many landmarks as I could think of, I started to fit them together into fabric. This turned out to be quite a puzzle because I wanted every square inch of the fabric to say, “Kansas City.”

After solving that puzzle, I needed a coordinate. What could be better than Kansas City street names? I couldn’t be more pleased with the combination.

I knew I wanted to make tea towels with this Kansas City fabric, but I wasn’t quite sure how to bring the design from a basic repeat to a stunning towel. Suddenly, I remembered the medallions on some of the older buildings in Kansas City. A fancy medallion with a ribbon across the bottom would be beautiful as a border! Then, I tried the coordinate fabric underneath the ribbon. Stunning!

We also tried a new product. Tote bags! I’m so excited! This bag came out so beautifully! It’s made of durable Eco Canvas and has a matching cotton lining. It’s small enough to take to a baseball game and large enough to hold all kinds of snacks. Carry this bag on vacation to show off your hometown while you’re away. Use it to hold a quilt in progress, art supplies, or some other project. The possibilities are endless!

With all the time I’ve put into this fabric, I feel like I’ve gotten to know the Kansas City landmarks better. Now, whenever I visit them, I feel like I’m visiting old friends. Look for more Kansas City fun to come soon.

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