Bathroom Redecorating Project

The project began simply enough, mom says, “Your Petals & Spokes would make a really cool shower curtain!” Then came all the details…

Shower curtain rings from Target with a little touch of fingernail polish.


Silk flowers from Hobby Lobby and Joann’s (and an old bicycle wheel from my grandpa’s garage).

More silk flowers, and a bicycle front from Hobby Lobby.

A few silk flowers and flower pots from our basement (plus some hot glue and moss).

Bicycle clock from AtHome.

A few gifts from friends and a pink bicycle from Hobby Lobby.

Blairfully Made mural!

Mixed media adventure!

Putting it all together!

It was such a fun project! Sorry for the delay and for not posting anything on Blairfully Made for a year. If you haven’t already, visit my Facebook page for up-to-date info on my projects and products!

From the studio,


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